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Broken Rites helps victims of church-related sexual abuse.

Broken Rites Australian National Hotline:
(03) 9457 4999

Broken Rites (Australia) Collective Inc.
PO Box 163,
Victoria 3084

E-mail Broken Rites Australia (we check our email daily)

This page was last updated on August 21, 2011.

Why Victims Should Phone Broken Rites First

As explained on the main page, the Catholic Church in Australia established a new process in 1996 to handle sex-abuse complaints. Unfortunately, the committee structure is overwhelmingly "in-house".

The National Professional Standards Committee, which is responsible for handling policy (rather than complaints) is male-dominated.

In each state, the Church has set up a Professional Standards Resource Group (PSRG) to receive and handle the complaints. This state level, too, is predominantly "in-house".

One drawback of this "in-house" system is that a PSRG is likely to contain members who are acquainted with the alleged offender in a case. Broken Rites has a list containing the contact address for the PSRG convener in each state. Victims can phone us on 03 9457 4999 for further information.

The correct spelling of our organisation is "Broken Rites" and not "Broken Rights" nor "Brokenrights". We help victims of church related sex-abuse.