The Christian Brothers pay a settlement to an ex-pupil in Sydney

The Christian Brothers organisation in Australia has signed a civil settlement with a former pupil of Christian Brothers College at Manly (in Sydney), who attended this school as a 13-year-old boy about 1973.  According to the settlement deed, this ex-pupil alleged that he was “unlawfully assaulted by Brother Peter N. Lennox, the principal of the school".

The settlement deed says that the ex-pupil outlined his allegations in a statement dated 26 October 2011, which was submitted by the ex-pupil's solicitor.

The settlement deed says that, as a result of the maltreatment, this ex-pupil “has sustained loss, damage and injuries that may require specialist counselling and/or other therapy".

The settlement deed says that, without admitting liability, the Christian Brothers are making a payment to the ex-pupil.

In return for this payment, the ex-pupil agreed not to take any further legal action against the Christian Brothers.

[In the 1980s, the Christian Brothers withdrew from this Manly campus. The former CBC Manly is now called St Paul's Catholic College, Manly.]