Donald Alford

The church acknowledges child-abuse at this orphanage but, as usual, it is resisting a proper financial settlement for a victim

In recent years, the Catholic order of Christian Brothers in Australia have made small payments to several sex-abuse victims of Brother Donald Pascal Alford at St Augustine's boys' home, Geelong, in the state of Victoria. In 2021, one former inmate of this orphanage (let's refer to him as "Basil") has engaged a Melbourne legal firm to tackle the Christian Brothers organisation, demanding a proper amount of compensation for abuse which Basil says he suffered at the hands of Brother Alford at this orphanage. As usual, the church lawyers (and accountants) are resisting the amount of compensation that Basil is seeking but Basil is determined to obtain justice. (By a Broken Rites researcher, article updated 8 February 2021.)

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