Chrisian Brother Terence Simpson was sent to other schools after sex crimes

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Several times in the 1960s, Christian Brother Terence Simpson was caught indecently assaulting his pupils in Australian Catholic schools. But his superiors just moved him from school to school (up to four such moves) and advised him to "make sure it didn't happen again".

Simpson said this in a police interview which was tabled in Brisbane Magistrates Court in Queensland on 7 August 1998. The court was told that Simpson used to indecently grope boys as they stood behind his desk in front of the class, even during "religion" lessons.

Simpson evidently had numerous victims, two of whom contacted police in the late 1990s, after 36 years. One said he contacted police because he now had children of his own and wanted all children to be protected better than he had been.

Simpson, aged 58 at the tme of the 1998 court hearing, pleaded guilty to indecently dealing with two boys, aged eight and nine, at St Joseph's College in Gregory Terrace, Brisbane, in 1962.

Simpson's lawyer, Keith Tronc, blamed the Christian Brothers for sparking Simpson's crimes. Tronc said the Christian Brothers were an "evil, depraved organisation that fostered and sheltered paedophiles."

As a young trainee Brother in Sydney, said Tronc, Simpson noticed a senior Brother indecently dealing with a small boy. Simpson tried to report this crime but was criticised by the senior Brother and was sexually assaulted himself.

Later, Simpson himself started molesting his own pupils.

Simpson and the Christian Brothers order later parted company. Dr Terence Simpson eventually became a university lecturer in Queensland, with a PhD degree in education.

Judge Manus Boyce gave Dr Terry Simpson a two-year jail sentence which was suspended.

The court case was reported in the Brisbane Courier Mail on 8 August 1998.