Teacher jailed for offences against children at a Catholic school

In the early 1990s, Darren John Tector was a teacher at a Catholic primary school (Our Lady of Lourdes) at Seven Hills, near Parramatta, west of Sydney.

In 1994 he was convicted and jailed for sexual offences against young boys at this school. Textor touched the boys indecently in classrooms about 1992-93.

The victims in the charged offences were all boys, although police believed that Textor also touched young girls.

Jailed again in 2007

In 2006 Tector, then aged 41, was living at Carlton in Sydney's south and was working in the information technology industry. Following a complaint from the family of a 12-year-old boy, police arrested Darren Tector in Sydney on 25 August 2006 and charged him with using the internet and a telephone to procure a child under the age of 16 for sexual activity. In a District Court hearing in 2007, the prosecution alleged that Tector met the 12-year-old boy in an internet café in Sydney's Kogarah in July 2006 and later exchanged internet messages with him, offering him money for sex. The boy told his mother. She called police who then monitored explicit internet and telephone messages that Tector had allegedly sent to the boy.

The jury found Tector guilty. At sentencing in 2007, the court was told about Tector's previous convictions for offences against young children. On the procurement charge, Tector was sentenced to a prison term which (after an appeal process) amounted to eight years, with a non-parole period of five years. This indicated that, with time already served, Darren Tector could be released in 2011.

The 2007 case is reported in the annual report of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions for 2007-2008, Chapter 2 (Section 2.7, "Technology-enabled crime").