Current Court Cases

By Broken Rites researchers

Many victims of church child-sex abuse remain silent about their experiences, but some Australian survivors eventually learn that they have the right to have a chat with detectives in their state's police force. In Australia (unlike in some other countries), it is relatively easy for a church victim to bring an abusive clergy-person to justice in the criminal-court system. If the abusive clergy-person is still alive (and if the victim so wishes), the police detectives can charge this clergy-person in court. In Australia (unlike is some other countries), it does not matter how long ago the child-abuse crime occurred.

Thus, an Australian court case can expose the offending clergy-person (and the church's cover-up) while obtaining justice for the victim. In Australia, the media can publish the name of the offender but cannot publish the name (or any other identifying details) of the victim.

If the victim notifies Broken Rites about the forthcoming court case, Broken Rites can watch out for the case's first preliminary mention in court. These cases begin with a "first-mention" in court, and the case then goes on the court's waiting list with the main hearing to be held perhaps some months later.

The Broken Rites website has many such articles about forthcoming, or recent, court cases. You will find these articles scattered among the earliest pages on our website. To start, click HERE.