A senior Catholic priest is facing charges in Australia from the 1970s

A senior priest in the Jesuit religious order - Father Theo Overberg - began facing court in New South Wales in 2020 regarding sex offences which were allegedly committed in the 1970s against boys at Sydney's St Ignatius College Riverview.

The charges relate to early in this priest's career when he was on the staff of this college.

The charges were filed by New South Wales Police in a brief introductory procedure with a magistrate at a Local Court in suburban Sydney on 11 November 2020. After this,  the case began working its way through various steps in the NSW court system.

Father Overberg was born in the Netherlands and emigrated to Australia as a child. He joined the Jesuit religious order in the 1960s and served as a Catholic priest in the Jesuit order in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. He moved to Rome about 2010, becoming the secretary for the Jesuit Conference Asia-Pacific at the Jesuit Curia in Rome.