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Broken Rites Victim Support Group

Broken Rites has no wealthy benefactors. We depend on donations from readers and supporters to finance our work, especially our newsletter and telephone. The newsletter is expensive to print and to post. To help victims, we send complimentary copies to influential people - e.g., journalists, police, counsellors and clergy.

Our telephone accounts are a burden. As well as receiving calls from victims/survivors, we make calls (including STD) to police, courts, solicitors, newspapers, television and radio on behalf of survivors. The telephone enables Broken Rites to take an active role in the prosecutions listed in our Black Collar Crime page and in our Court Report pages.

Readers may not be aware of the amount of work and costs incurred to achieve these results.

Please send donations to

PO Box 163,
Victoria 3084

To contact Broken Rites, Phone (03) 9457 4999